Information for Institutional Partners

Becoming a BCRDH Partner

BCRDH works with heritage organizations of all descriptions that care for archival materials, and wish to enhance their holdings history through digitization. For more information about what partnering with us entails, view our partnership statement here: BCRDH Partnership Statement

Each partnership will differ. To answer any questions you might have about how partnering BCRDH would work for your institution, please contact Paige with any questions or concerns.

Partner Resources

BCRDH uses Google Analytics to measure and visualize de-personalized traffic to the BCRDH website. All of our partner institutions receive individualized term reports in May and September as well as an annual report in January. These reports visualize which collections are receiving the most traffic, user behaviour and location, and which items are popular. The information contained in these reports can be useful if you want to use data to inform future digitization decisions, prove a return on investment to your stakeholders, or apply to funding opportunities. For information on how to view and understand your partner reports, view the following pdf: Understanding BCRDH Analytics Reports