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Industrial Exposition (1949) - Products in the Smith Davidson & Wright display
Industrial Exposition (1949) - National Cash Register Co. display
Industrial Exposition (1949) - Rump & Sendall hatchery chick display
Arched entrance and banner for annual Vernon Industrial Exposition
Soft drink and bottling plant of J. McCulloch Ltd., Vernon
North Okanagan Creamery Association dairy bottling plant
B.C. Welding and Sales Co., Armstrong
Ted Janes hard at work making metal kitchenware
Workers at the Armstrong Cheese Co-operative Association
Workers at the Western Pad and Drum Co. Ltd.
Workers at the Western Pad and Drum Co. Ltd.
A. Rodgers Machine Shop and Foundry, Vernon
Armstrong Cheese Co-operative Association's staff
Industrial Exposition (1949) - Jack Fuhr Ltd. display of hydraulic pumps and chain saws
Industrial Exposition (1949) - Appliances used in the Bryce Electric Ltd display
Industrial Exposition (1949) - Radio equipment used by CKOV radio station in their display
Industrial Exposition (1949) - Equipment at the De Laval cream separators and milkers display
Industrial Exposition (1949) - Stewardess greeting the crowds at the Canadian Pacific Airlines display