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Armstrong Consolidated School track team
Star Theatre and Canadian Legion, Armstrong, B.C.
Arrival of Corporal Connatty
Barbara Harris, Doris Clemson, Jan Clemson, Jean Harris, & Maisie Foulis
Barbara Harris, Donovan Clemson, Jan Clemson, Jean Harris and Maisie Foulis
Funeral of W.W. Rogers
Captain James C. Dun-Waters
Mel Dunkley in lacrosse uniform
Captain James C. Dun-Waters presenting gift to Mat. Hassen for 25 years of service to Interior Provincial Exhibition
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ehmke
Ada Mellish with Tom, Agnes, Olive and Audrey Clinton and two unknowns
Tom Clinton Sr. and grandson Vernon Clinton
Thomas Clinton Jr. logging at Hidden Lake
Armstrong Hotel
Armstrong Power House interior
View of Armstrong looking east
Graydon & Cliff Hardwick on wagon at Otter Lake sawmill
Group photograph of curling "Merchants Cup" trophy winners
Celery, cabbage and lettuce fields with Inland Flour Mills in the background