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[Men working on Penticton Creek]
[Penticton Creek]
[Rocky bank and concrete weir work along Penticton Creek]
[Men working on Penticton Creek]
[Harry Buck house at #10 weir on Penticton Creek]
[Unidentified building]
[Valley Motors Ltd.]
[Greyhound bus garage, Penticton]
[Aerial view of the 'Penticton' sign]
[Parade in Penticton]
[Penticton mayor M.P. Finnerty in vintage automobile in parade]
[Canadian Pacific airplane at Penticton airport]
[Dredging the Okanagan River?]
[Man beside bulldozer along a waterway]
[Bulldozer working on bank of waterway]
[Members of a musical group]
[Members of Western Music Pals performing]
[Accident on roadside]
[View of Penticton Creek with weirs]
[Unidentified church]