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Map of Slocan
Lower Slocan Lake from New Denver to Slocan City
Slocan Map 82f/NW
Rosebery 82k/3
Rosebery Kootenay Land District BC
Plan of Buchanan's Timber Limits and government reserve, north end of Slocan Lake
Slocan Community Forest Initiative: Area of Interest for a Community Forest Agreement
Slocan Sheet, map 272A, Kootenay District BC
Slocan Sheet: Kootenay District BC, Canada Dept. of Mines Geological Survey
Geological survey: Structure sections of the Slocan series.
Sandon Slocan + Ainsworth Mining Division Map 273 A
Sandon, map 273A, (Slocan and Ainsworth Mining Divisions) Kootenay District BC
Jig 2 Areal Geology of Sandon Area, Slocan Mining Camp
C.P.R. B.C.L., and R.S., B.C. District proposed 8 car, transfer barge and Okanagan and Slocan lake
C.P.R. Lake streamers: S.S. Roseberry general plan
Standard - Hartney Flats, Silverton & New Denver, BC
Town of Silverton
Plan of Silverton town site, showing block and some lot numbers
1910 Town of Silverton
1920 Town of Silverton