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Village of Silverton
Plan of the town of Aylwin
Plan of Rosebery, being a subdivision of part of Lot 298, Group 1
Plan of Sandon, being subdivision of part of lot 482, G.1
Sandon (first edition) part of lot 727, G.1, District of Kootenay, BC
City of Sandon map
Plan of Subdivision of Cherryvale
Subdivision plan of Lots 1799 and 1800
Plan of Lots 8697, 8696, 8262 & 8263 G.1
Reference plan part of Lot 1308. Lookout #2 Mineral Claim Slocan Mining Division Kootenay District, BC
Lot plan of Silverton and South
Plan of Subdivision of Part of parcel "A", Lot 330 Kootenay District
Lot plan of Aylwin's house and gardens
Slocan Lake lands
Lot Survey of Bonanza Creek/ Hills W
Lot Survey Of Bonanza creek/ Hills
Map showing the Principal Mining Districts in the West Kootenay, B.C.
The Slocan early claims map