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Frank Mills beside bunkhouse built in 1928 at Mammoth Mine
Frank Mills beside old kitchen at Mammoth Mine
Frank Mills at Mammoth Mine
Railway track, likely Bear Lake on right
Bob Mills and Werner Mengler's ore stock piled at old slip from Johnsby tunnel
Dewis Transport Indiana truck on C.P.R. ore bunker, Silverton
Barge with logs at C.P.R. slip at Silverton
Joe Landerville, mine cook and Barney Johnson, flunkey
Van Roi Mine
Silver bullion
Silver bullion
Silver bullion
Bob and Swanna Dewis, Mac and Lena McIntyre
Two men and a dog
Silverton men's hockey players
Frank Mills and Roy Mills
Mills' family house, 1910-1920s
Frank Mills
Burning of Mills' house
Selkirk Hotel