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Early Slocan Mining Camp
Keen's map of the Kaslo and Slocan Mining District
Keen's map of Kaslo and Slocan Mining District
Keen's map of Kootenay, BC
Slocan Mines, Kootenay District, British Columbia
Floor plan of N.D. Hospital
Wiring Plan of ND Hospital
Preliminary drawings of electrical circuits of New Denver Hospital
Silvery Slocan Museum sewage disposal plan
Silvery Slocan Museum sprinkler system
Topographical Map of Nelson Area
Rosebery 82k/3W
Rosebery Kootenay District of BC 82k/3E
J.C. Harris Ranch, New Denver BC
Map of Nelson's Ranch, New Denver, BC
Map of Rosebery BC
New Denver orchard
McGillivray's addition to New Denver, showing subdivision of part of Lot 549, G.1, Kootenay District
Plan of New Denver, West Kootenay District