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"This lady was one of the party with Wild Buffalo Circus", Enderby
Unidentified women and children on a bridge in Enderby
View of Enderby
Before the start of first Silver Cup annual race
T. Nakagawa and son
Vernon lacrosse team
Shuswap Indigenous women in two dugout canoes racing on the Shuswap River under the Enderby bridge
Shuswap Indigenous women racing down the Shuswap River near Enderby in hand carved dugout canoes
Mrs. Jim Bell and Mayor N.S. Johnson cutting Enderby anniversary cake
Children in horse and cart for parade for Enderby's 50th anniversary
Hattie Jacques, Harry Logan and W.H. Logan in front of the Enderby City Hall with tax sign
Two people dancing during Enderby's 50th anniversary
Fortune School in Enderby
Log cabin homestead in Enderby
Indigenous teepee in forest
Trinity Valley farm
Ed Strickland and Elwood Rice with eight year old Jersey cow on Enderby farm
Indigenous child in an Enderby field
George and James Bell seated at a table
King Edward Hotel, Enderby