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Unidentified woman [May Clifton?] standing at the Keremeos train station
Man and women in horse-drawn wagon
Buck rake
Tweddle home, Richter's Ranch, Keremeos, B.C.
Suna Morrison and unidentified woman on gasoline pump platform
Ellen Corrigan, Florence Daly & George at waterfalls
Susan Bush in horse-drawn sleigh
Sunday School class at Nickel Park
Children at Charlie Armstrong farm
Bulldozer in river under White Bridge
Co-op crew, Keremeos
Group of men a women laugh while sitting on steps
Ken's General Store - Darryl Smokey + Sailor
First train at Keremeos, B.C.
Unidentified musical group
Construction of swimming pool changing rooms
Joe Kelly, Margaret Winkler and Johnny Brewer, Nickel Plate Mine
Fruit Stand Day's
Albert, his dog, and Kit
Children in parade