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4 x 4 Federal truck on Seven Hill
Standard Mine camp Mammoth tram line
Mining crew
Tram line (likely from Standard Mine)
Looking north from old house (Groenhusen's place) and old Standard mill
Standard Mine
Mine shaft and hand hoist with bucket bringing up ore
Silverton, taken from in front of the old Hunter residence
One of Silverton's first teachers, McGraw with her pupils
Silverton public school
Silverton students in costume for a school concert
Slocan Lake Launch Club near the Bosun Beach
Farm at bridge crossing above Sandon
Gentlemen Pioneers of the Slocan
Building the new road from Silverton to Slocan near twelve mile
Old Silverton wharf,  old coal shed in the rear
S.S. Wm. Hunter
Second cabin on trail to New Denver Glacier
S.S. Rosebery near completion at the Rosebery shipyard
C.P.R. barge stuck in the ice