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G.L. McNichol and Charles Flood sitting on a log
Waterfront for Outsider Mine at Maple Bay, Portland Canal, B.C.
Child beside Phoenix cenotaph
Construction of buildings at Anyox
Boating on the upper end of Christina Lake, ca. 1911
Boat at Anyox waterfront
Two miners underground at Hidden Creek Mine, Anyox
Pier at Maple Bay, Portland Canal, B.C.
Miners on No. 3 tunnel motors, Granby Mine. Phoenix
Boats bringing delegates from 12th International Geological Congress at dock in Anyox
Interior view of equipment in Granby Mine building
Doukhobors threshing
Boat racing at Christina Lake
Two men standing on cliff face
Granby gent's furnishings store at Anyox
The wharf at Anyox, ca. 1910
Two men at boathouse at Phoenix Country Club, Christina Lake
Anyox waterfront
Victoria headworks
Granby mine underground