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Log deck at sawmill
Mr. Rolf cutting ribbon at opening the Eagle Valley Haven Senior Citizens complex
Russell Waterson piling white pine planks at Bruhn Sawmill in Old Town Bay
Crew reloading lumber after truck is tipped by load
R.W. Bruhn mill at Old Town Bay
Homes of Frank Sutherland and Eddie Anderson at Old Town Bay
Group at Sicamous Legion
Hauling hay to Anstey Arm from Old Town Bay
Cambie Hall gathering
John Kari's 75th birthday party
Group of children and adults on old Solsqua road
Road crew at Solsqua
Olgi Norwood in rowboat on Sicamous Channel during flood
Floating camp at Beach Bay
Cambie School students
Overhead truck crossing over Trans-Canada Highway
Cedar tree on A. Rauma's farm
Group on the steps on the original Forestry Office
Crowning queen at fall fair