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Changing of the guard at Two Mile internment camp
Eagle River School students
Six Mile internment camp on Mara Lake
School children
Cambie School picnic
Children in front of the school on the hill
Russell Waterson piling white pine planks at Bruhn Sawmill in Old Town Bay
John L. Kari with dog "Sandy"
Raft floating home in Eagle Bay
John Graham in front of a logging truck
S.S. Selkirk
Vivian Rauma on first highway bridge over channel
Two children with quite a few fish
Group photograph on the Leaf farm
Eagle Valley School students
Hauling hay to Anstey Arm from Old Town Bay
Crew reloading lumber after truck is tipped by load
Alli Luoma blocks doorway in a game with her father, Jacob
Homes of Frank Sutherland and Eddie Anderson at Old Town Bay
Lumber load tips truck