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Rowing races by the Enderby Bridge on the Shuswap River
Crowds on Enderby bridge watching the Indigenous canoes and water sports below
Wedding portrait Mr. and Mrs. P. Roberts
Enderby's St. George's Anglican Church
Waddell wedding portrait
Interior of Enderby's St. George's Anglican Church
Aerial view of Enderby town centre looking east
Columbia Flour Mill on the Shuswap River in Enderby
Townsite of Enderby and the surrounding farming fields
Group on motorized railcar dubbed the "Kalamazoo car"
Group of Interior Salish Indigenous
Group of Interior Salish Indigenous
John Clement, Interior Salish Indigenous with horses
Interior Salish Indigenous group including Oppenheimer and Johnny Alec
Black cottonwood Indigenous dugout canoe being constructed by locals in Enderby
Shuswap River near Enderby?
Men on raft for removing snags from the Shuswap River near Enderby Bridge
Enderby Cliffs and Grindrod street
Hupel gas and service station with grocery on Mabel Lake Road east of Enderby
First nations fish trap near Enderby