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Unidentified woman and children in bathing suits on a wharf
R.W. Neil house
Postcard of the Mara school elementary class with their teacher outside the log schoolhouse
City band and children by the Royal Hotel (National Hotel)
Methodist Sunday School picnic at Okanagan Lake
Major J.T. Bardolph, owner of the Duteau Ranch in Lavington
Johnston and Carswell's sawmill located on the shores of Long (Kalamalka) Lake
A. Rodgers & Co. Engine & Machine Works
Mud on Barnard Avenue (30th Avenue) looking east in 3200 block
Group outside the Vernon Hotel
Mackie house
Trail from looking south from smelter
Business section from smelter bench
Trail school
Dublin Gulch from the west
Letty Schofield as a young girl wearing a velvet dress with white lace collar and cuffs
Grace Elizabeth Marle
C.P.R. yards, Revelstoke
First Street, Revelstoke
C.P.R. Glacier House