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Marcella Morin
Trail smelter and slag pile
View of the Corra Linn Dam situated on the Kootenay River
Construction of Dewdney Trail near Rossland
Lawn bowling in Gyro Park
Gyro Park bathing beach
First Nations woman
First Nations village with teepees
C. Whittemore
Dewdney Trail
Unidentified First Nations camp with teepees
Locomotive crew and others in front of locomotive No. 401
W.M. Archibald, Manager of mines for C.M. & S. Co. Ltd
First Nations camps with teepees
Trail looking northwest
First Nations woman
Unidentified man on Dewdney Trail
No. 2 green at unidentified golf course
Christmas card depicting the home of Marcella and George Pratt.
Captain Lean and companions on boat at Ainsworth