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Ron Dickey and Pauline Kosobuski on horseback at Eva Lake
Eric de Pencier plane after crash
Howard McDonald fuelling float plane
Howard McDonald and Grumman Goose seaplane
Howard McDonald landing Grumman Goose
John McElroy with group and airplane on the golf course
Plane CF-BTU taking off from golf course
John McElroy with his plane at golf course
John McElroy and passenger in plane
John McElroy with plane at golf course
Howard McDonald's Grumman Goose seaplane docked
Howard McDonald's Grummond Goose seaplane docked
Howard McDonald
Howard McDonald's Grummond Goose landing
Prospector Elijah K. McBean with snowshoes and pole
Near Rutherford's Service Station, Three Valley
Three Valley Gap Motel
Three Valley Gap Motel
Three Valley Gap Motel
Three Valley Gap, church building in "Ghost Town"