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Power House, Merritt, B.C.
Middlesboro Colliery
Quilchena Avenue, north side
Coal tipple at Middlesboro
Students outside Merritt School
Large crowd going to July 1st picnic at Coyle railway depot, Lower Nicola
Hon. H.E. Young opening Nicola Valley General Hospital
Nicola Valley Hospital
Rear view of Nicola Valley Hospital
Volunteer Fire Department of Merritt with hose wheel wagons
Girls foot race at Track and Field Sports Day
Girls race at Track and Field Sports Day
Lower Nicola exhibition in Nicola Valley fall fair
Fall fair, Merritt, B.C.
Fall fair, Merritt, B.C
Merritt Public School
Students outside Merritt School
Students at Merritt School
Teachers and primary school students
Sisters of Pythias picnic