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Quiniscoe Lake and Lakes of Woods from Quiniscoe Mountain
[Smoky, Cleft above Ladyslipper, Cathedral Provincial Park]
[View from above Quiniscoe Lake, B.C.]
[Cabin and automobile in forest, near Penticton?]
[Unidentified man holding fish on lakeshore near Penticton?]
[Unidentified woman on horseback with view of lake and mountains, near Penticton?]
[Man hiking with backpack and rifle, with view of forest and mountains]
Louis Hohendel, Pete Dobbs & Joe Harris on winter trip
[Unidentified man cooking at camp site]
Group beside log cabin at the Forks
Pole bridge at Ashnola
Cathedral camp, lake looking east
String of fish from Placer Lake
[Group eating at a campsite in forest]
View of lake at camp at Cathedral
[Unidentified woman on horseback, Pyramid Mountain, B.C.]
[Group eating at a campsite]
[Group eating at a campsite]
[Man (Joe Harris?) with piece Pine of petrified wood found up Ashnola]
[Man (Joe Harris?) with horse]