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Charles and Maud Hoover and the Overland Car with two seats
Trimble's and Pattens in automobile, early 1900's
Maud Hoover posing with Buick sedan
Marzo family car and home
First car for Consolidated School nurse
Maud Watt with one of the first Model T's in Armstrong
Group of soldiers pose with Model T
Mat. Hassen in "Tin Lizzy"
Mr. Townsend in his car in snow
Cars in July 1st parade
Edgar Abbott and family in early car
Mrs. Glover & the Baileys in car
Men with vehicles in garage
George Smith's first car with passengers
Two girls with car in Spallumcheen
Joe Landon, Peggy Adair, Mary Anderson and two others
Cars in July 1st parade
Harold Blakeborough with unidentified man
Emergency crews attend to the two occupants of a Maverick experimental flying car
View of cars on a road beside orchards in the Coldstream