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Upper's cabins being built
Dr. Craig McCullough & Mrs. McCullough in front of log cabin
Wilmot Brock Hillard homestead
Lake Shore Inn, Winfield
Green Timber Camp, 20th Street and 43rd Avenue, Vernon
Edin's Cabins near Pleasant Valley Road, Vernon
Kalamalka Store and Auto Park gas station at Kalamalka Lake
Centennial project forestry cabin four miles up Shorts Creek Trail
Wilson's cabins at 20 Street and Pleasant Valley Road
Donald and Dora Dewar's original house in Oyama
Stamp Mill Road summer cabins on west side, Okanagan Landing
Girouard's cabin and Bowling Club, Polson Park
"Kalamalka Lake Tourists Cabins, Vernon, B.C."
Beaver Lake cabins above Winfield
Unidentified man sitting in doorway of a log cabin
Interior of a cabin
Stocks' cabin at Nahun
Interior of a cabin
"Stocksmoar," Stocks family home on Terrace Mountain
Row of cabins used by the Edin's Cabins campground