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Man and women in horse-drawn wagon
Granville Street, ca. 1920
Hay management, ca. 1919
Horse-drawn wagon built from an automobile chassis, ca. 1933
Multiple carriages and horse outside of the Palace Livery
Horse-drawn wagons
Cart drawn by horses
Horses and wagons in front of Palace Livery Stable, Keremeos (1904)
Kirby's Store
Ken Packer transporting logs on sleigh in Peace River country
Horse-drawn wagon on road
Horses and wagons in front of D. McDuff's Shoeing Shop
Two aboriginal people on wagon, ca. 1929
Packer mother & sister going to town, ca. 1920
Horses and wagon crossing the Kettle River at Bubar ford, ca. 1900
Alice Curr
Doug and Rod Buliver in parade
Compressor building, Copper Mountain
W. Garrison Freight Co. hauling ice
Loading logs on a wagon at Demuth camp near Princeton