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Bringing back the catch
Man fishing at Horseshoe Canyon, Ashnola, ca. 1930
Engineer "Si" Shimek on fishing trip
Construction of a fish weir
Avoca Lodge - Avoca Bungalow sign, two men with fish catch
William Moll, Ace Mesker and Charles Moll on fishing trip, ca. 1920
Avoca Lodge - Avoca Bungalow sign, one man with fish catch
Burbot cod fishing on Kootenay Lake
Ole Skattebo with an eight and a half pound fish
Treigillus and Cummins with trout catch from Groham Creek
Ardent ice-fisherman Sinclair Craig
Barney (Bob) Sandwell with fish
Ada Griffiths and Jennie McKay at Fish Lakes, Columbia Valley
Ada Griffiths and Jennie McKay at Jack Hurst's cabin, Columbia Valley
Sinclair Craig and unidentified girl holding pole with fish
[Woman fishing in the river]
[Group of fishermen in the Beaver Lake Lodge parking lot]
Dole and wife at Penask Lake
George Isitt Sr. with fish
Jack Fraser with his catch of fish