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Rail cars loading flour at Okanagan Flour Mill
Inland Flour Mills
Armstrong Flour Mill
Okanagan Flour Mill, Armstrong, B.C.
Men with mule team and wagon at warehouse on Pleasant Valley Blvd.
Buckerfield's Ltd., Armstrong
Man checking machine at Rogers Foods, Armstrong
Wood stacks behind the Columbia Flouring Mill in Enderby
One of the district's original grist mills on the farm of George Ricketts in South Vernon
Young woman standing next to Nelson's Flour Mill in Lavington
Buckerfield's showing railway tracks
Horse-drawn wagons in front of the Vernon Grist Mill
Train loading at the Columbia Roller Mills in Enderby
Row of wagons waiting to deliver their bags wheat to the Okanagan Mills
C.P.R. engine and boxcars sitting beside the Armstrong Okanagan Mills being loaded with flour bags
Okanagan Flour Mill in Armstrong, B.C.
Okanagan Flour Mill and storage silos, Armstrong, B.C.
Jack Bailey ferries bags of flour across the Shuswap River in rowboat
Columbia Flour Mill on the Shuswap River in Enderby
Flour mill, Grand Forks, B.C.