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Buckerfield's display Sept. 14/49
Wood stacks behind the Columbia Flouring Mill in Enderby
Young woman standing next to Nelson's Flour Mill in Lavington
Horse-drawn wagons in front of the Vernon Grist Mill
Columbia Flouring Mill
Train loading at the Columbia Roller Mills in Enderby
Visitors and workers at community flour mill, Veregin, Saskatchewan
View of Brilliant showing K-C Preserving Works jam factory, wheat elevator and railway station
Visitors at Doukhobor community flour mill, Veregin, Saskatchewan
Bags of grain loaded on wagon, Veregin, Saskatchewan
Workers and visitors at community flour mill, Veregin, Saskatchewan
Two workers in steam room of community flour mill?, Veregin, Saskatchewan
Doukhobor flour mill under construction, Veregin, Saskatchewan
Flour mill, Grand Forks, B.C.
Harpers flour mill
Flour mill interior
Inland Flour Mills
Jack Bailey ferries bags of flour across the Shuswap River in rowboat
Inland Flour Mills
Robin Hood Flour display