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Looking south-east from railway tracks at Zion Church
Armstrong (looking east)
C.N.R. operator's house on railway line at passing track
Vernon Fruit Union, rail side from east end
Re-enactment of Last Spike at Malakwa Craigellachie Spike Day
Oyama C.N.R. railway tracks and packing house looking east from the "Station"
C.N.R. Lumby junction
C.N.R. by overpass, looking east over slough, Oyama
Kelowna Pacific Railway (C.N.R.) Vernon yards railway underpass
Railway/highway overpass
Railway tracks going into building at Sicamous Sawmill
View of Armstrong to east from C.P.R. curve into town
Violet Billard and Melita Billard standing on the C.P.R. tracks, Okanagan Landing
Vernon-Kelowna Highway and railway north of Oyama
Strand Hotel at Okanagan Landing
C.N.R. railway and station on Oyama isthmus
C.N.R. station, tracks, section bunkhouse and speeder shed on Oyama isthmus
C.N.R. railway and  Balast pit siding at the north east end of Wood Lake, Oyama
C.N.R. railway, packing houses, and isthmus along east side of Wood Lake looking northwest in Oyama