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Armstrong city street with Purity Cafe in the foreground
C.P.R. station lunch counter and news stand
C.P.R. station lunch counter
C.P.R. station lunch counter
Mackenzie Avenue showing Oyster & Chop House
Arrowhead Main Street
Dining room, Glacier House
Cook at Skookum Inn on Windermere Highway 93/95
Maud Rumsey, owner of Skookum Inn on Windermere Highway 93/95
Skookum Inn, Shell gas station and restaurant in Windermere
Skookum Inn restaurant staff
Man standing in front of Wing Lee's store
Invermere Hotel with coffee shop
Mrs. Mary Kwong standing inside the Chalet Dining Restaurant
Chalet Dining Restaurant interior
First Street showing Regent Hotel and WK Cafe
Chalet Dining Restaurant and Roxy Theater
Royalite Gas Station and Chuck wagon Drive-Inn restaurant
Heather Graham serving at the Frontier Family Restaurant
Carol Douglas outside The Town & Country Restaurant