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View of burner at sawmill
Copper Mountain sawmill, ca. 1920
Princeton sawmill
McLean's Sawmill
Logs for sawmill
Robbs Sawmill
Logs for sawmill
Pope and Talbot sawmill, ca. 1965
Lumber yard at Boundary Sawmills, ca. 1930
Log conveyor at sawmill
Two men operating portable sawmill cutting railway ties, Canal Flats
George and Frank Futa at Futa Tie Mill
Bill Durham working at Futa Tie Mill
Keith Edgell and unidentified man operating a portable sawmill
Sid and Bill Fry with lumber at Futa Tie Mill
Harold Bearham and Frank Futa positioning large log at Futa Tie Mill
Harold Bearham and Sid Fry preparing Futa Tie Mill
Harold Bearham, Bill Fry and Bill Durham at Futa Tie Mill
George and Frank Futa with Bill Durham at slabbing logs at portable sawmill at Futa Tie Mill