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Horse on a raft being taken to Mabel Lake logging camp, 1930s
Wilfred and Isobel Simard on their 60th wedding anniversary
Log jam at Skookumchuck Rapids on Shuswap River
Wilfred Simard carrying child to Hupel School through 1948 flood waters
Wilfred Simard standing beside Hupel School bus
Group in cart at Noisy Creek
Henry and Wilfred Simard on log drive in the river
Napoleon, Wilfred and Rudolph Simard on a log pile at Noisy Creek
Wilfred Simard
Wilfred Simard pulling milk can in cart and sleigh
Wilfred and Isobel Simard skating on Mabel Lake
Wilfred and Isobel Simard with don David in horse drawn sleigh
Henry and Wilfred Simard with string of fish