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Armistice Day on Okanagan St. looking north from Patterson Ave.
3425 Pleasant Valley Road: Veteran boot and shoe repairing
Railway Ave. (looking east), Armstrong, B.C.
Interior of A.E. Maundrell's Meat Market
Armstrong Post Office, E.T. Abbott, Chemist and other downtown shops
E.T. Abbott building and Post Office
Okanagan Street, looking south from railway tracks
Smith Hardware and Maple Leaf Market
Mat. Hassen building and Brick block
A.E. Maundrell Meat Market
H.B. Morley Co. Hardware, Bank of Montreal, Abbott Drug & Post Office
Okanagan Street, looking north, Armstrong, B.C.
Railway Avenue
Railway Avenue looking west
Armstrong, B.C.
Armstrong, B.C.
Laurence B. Stokes Jewelry and Watch Repair Shop
Hardy Wright & Co. General Merchants building
Okanagan House Hotel and Railway Avenue
Fisher & Sage building