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Postcard of Selkirk Public School, Sixth Street
Harold Switzer and Catherine 'Nana" Ross in costumes at Golden Spikes Days
Group around at Golden Spike Days
Servicemen's Hostess club
Edward Mallandaine at Golden Spike Days
Kinsmen re-enactment of the driving of the last spike, Golden Spike Days
Fallen tree after windstorm
Revelstoke football team
Receiving or Remand Home, Lower Town
Y.M.C.A. high school leaders corporation
Servicemen's Hostess Club and Kinsmen in costume for Golden Spike Days
Y.M.C.A. St. Patrick's Day party
C.P.R. snow sheds 35, 36, and 37 with a railway handcar in the foreground
C.P.R. station lunch counter and news stand
C.P.R. station lunch counter
C.P.R. station lunch counter
C.P.R. snow sheds 15 and 15A, Rogers Pass
Greely Creek, near Revelstoke
Illecillewaet River and Glacier House Hotel, Glacier National Park
C.P.R. water tank and station, Illecillewaet