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O.H. Nelson, C.W. Macbey, W.A. Curran at Masonic Hall site
Vets football team
Tug at wharf, 1930s
Men at bunkhouse
Canadian Legion Band
Band marching down Bay Avenue
Band gathered in East Trail
Bunkhouse and boys
Buckingham and Chang the cook, at the bunkhouse
Bunkhouse boys
Mellow Moon Minstrels
Mike Sullivan near bunkhouse
Tyrolean Queen school pageant
Refined pig lead casting machine
Kaslo, B.C.
Italo-Canadese Society second annual banquet
Studebaker Erskine Service Station and Rossland - Trail - Columbia Gardens stage
Old timers banquet at Golden Jubilee celebration
Trail Meat Market truck and employees
First Confirmation class at St. Anthony of Padua Church