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Slocan Community Forest Initiative: Area of Interest for a Community Forest Agreement
Slocan Sheet, map 272A, Kootenay District BC
Slocan Sheet: Kootenay District BC, Canada Dept. of Mines Geological Survey
Geological survey: Structure sections of the Slocan series.
C.P.R. Lake streamers: S.S. Roseberry general plan
Standard - Hartney Flats, Silverton & New Denver, BC
Early Slocan Mining Camp
Keen's map of the Kaslo and Slocan Mining District
Keen's map of Kaslo and Slocan Mining District
Keen's map of Kootenay, BC
Slocan Mines, Kootenay District, British Columbia
Floor plan of N.D. Hospital
Wiring Plan of ND Hospital
Preliminary drawings of electrical circuits of New Denver Hospital
Slocan Valley Project landscape analysis units
Plan of the town of Aylwin
Subdivision plan of Lots 1799 and 1800
Reference plan part of Lot 1308. Lookout #2 Mineral Claim Slocan Mining Division Kootenay District, BC
Plan of Subdivision of Part of parcel "A", Lot 330 Kootenay District