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Mobile Five Mining Company, Cody (near Sandon)
Sandon Slocan + Ainsworth Mining Division Map 273 A
Sandon, map 273A, (Slocan and Ainsworth Mining Divisions) Kootenay District BC
Jig 2 Areal Geology of Sandon Area, Slocan Mining Camp
Sandon/ Kootenay District
Plan of Sandon, being subdivision of part of lot 482, G.1
Sandon (first edition) part of lot 727, G.1, District of Kootenay, BC
City of Sandon map
Mining claims South of Sandon
Hope Mine, Sandon
Hope Mine
Plan of workings on #3 vein of the Rico Mine, Sandon, BC
Vertical section, no. Z. road, Reco Mines
Plan of right-of-way for proposed aerial tram, Silversmith Mines, Ltd., Sandon, BC
Ruth Mines Ltd. traced from Slocan Star map
Plan showing the property of Ruth Mines Company
Pengelly Mines Ltd., Silver Ridge project, Sandon BC survey grid and claim location map
Plan of Slocan Star and Slocan King Mines
Mrs. Matthews, Mrs. Syme and Hazel McLellan at Sandon, B.C.