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Map of Slocan
Lower Slocan Lake from New Denver to Slocan City
Slocan Map 82f/NW
Plan of Buchanan's Timber Limits and government reserve, north end of Slocan Lake
Slocan 82f/14
Map 82, K/3 W- Slocan Lake
Map 82 F/14 W Slocan (South Slocan lake)
Slocan, Kootenay District, BC
Slocan, Kootenay District
Hume's Purchase Plan
Plan of Subdivision of Cherryvale
Lot plan of Aylwin's house and gardens
Slocan Lake lands
Plan Showing Relative Position of Certain Mines
Map of part of Slocan Mining Camp, West Kootenay
Slocan mining district Tramlines
Map of the Slocan Mining Camp
Copy of map received from P.Y. Gallaher
Kootenay District Slocan Mining Division
Mining claims between Slocan and Kootenay Lake