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Roping cattle at Fred Woodward ranch in Lower Nicola
Smith family at Spences Bridge
Thomas Woodward, Reverend Melvin Woodward, Christiana Woodward, and others
Group portrait at baby Bill Plummer's first birthday
Eva and Ernest Woodward
Group at Fred Woodward ranch in Lower Nicola
Train stopped at Glacier House
Man riding cow at Fred Woodward ranch in Lower Nicola
Water wheel driving sawmill for Byron Earnshaw at Minnie Lake
Woodward family in Lower Nicola
Byron Earnshaw's sawmill at Minnie Lake
Martin Bros. Hardware store
Mr. Streatfield, Moses Lumby and Judge Spinks standing with their fishing gear and their catch
Thomas Wood and Cornelius O'Keefe in front of the main O'Keefe ranch house
Group on porch of Victoria Hotel in Vernon
Construction crew working on building the Armstrong railway station
Duplex homes of Dr. John Chipp and Walter Dewdney of Vernon
Interior of Dick Taylor's Drug Store, Vernon
Captain Thomas Shorts
Henry Digby Shuttleworth and his son, Charles Shuttleworth