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Railway bridge over Tulameen River west of Princeton tunnel
Bell House at Three Valley Gap
Bill Rose
Bill Rose and sister Lizzie Young
Oyama, looking east over the orchards towards Wood Lake
C.P.R. railway construction crew moving railway ties into place near Oyama
Myleen DeBeck and dog
Loop Road, Illecillewaet
W.C.K. Manley's Hardware Store on Bridge Street
Doukhobors threshing with log rollers at Grand Forks, B.C.
Large group at Doukhobor prayer meeting at Grand Forks, B.C.
Grace McLeod's wedding
Merritt High School students
Townsite at Blakeburn, Coalmont
Crew on the S.S. Slocan
Crew on the S.S. Slocan
Peggy Benninger (nee Smith) at her house at Perry Siding
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kopecki in front of Appledale store
Meyer family children
Meyer children at Appledale