Experience Profile - Mari Allison

Hi everyone! My name is Mari Allison, and I recently started a graduate co-op with the B.C. Regional Digitized History project. I am currently a dual MLIS and MAS student at the University of British Columbia. I’m very excited to work with this project because I have an interest in community based libraries. In my first few weeks, I’ve had a wonderful time learning more about the Okanagan region, and I can’t wait to visit once it's safe to do so!

During the co-op, I will be helping to make our partners’ collections available in our portal. To support this goal I will work on two major projects. The first is directly ingesting the digitized objects into our online portal. This will make our partners’ maps, photos, newspapers, and other content accessible online. With many museums and archives being closed for visitors at this time, providing content online is even more important.

The second project is related to ensuring the long term preservation and care of the digitized objects. Although the digitized versions are not the original objects, it is still important to treat them the same as any other archival materials. Preservation makes sure we can continue to provide access on the BCRDH website. Furthermore, it is possible that at some point the digitizations may be the only remaining depictions of the object, either as a result of a disaster like a flood or because of other circumstances.

I hope to contribute my knowledge of libraries and archives to the BCRDH mission while developing new skills!

Tuesday, February 9, 2021 - 19:56