Experience Profile - Alex Neijens

Hello! I’m a graduate student entering the second year of my dual Masters degree in library and archives. Working for the ORHDP has been an amazing opportunity because it allowed me to get some hands-on experience in archives and project management and allowed me to travel throughout the region and learn more about its history.

During my time here, I’ve assisted in the management of the project by writing project documentation, acting as a liaison for the team while we were out on site visits, and checking the quality of each and every scan we created and/or edited to make sure that they are all ready to be put online.

My other main task is to develop the metadata for each of our scans so that they will all be searchable when they are put online. While we try to take as much information as we can from each museum or archive, sometimes we have to create metadata off of our own observations or research when the information made available to us is not enough.

While I will sadly be leaving at the end of August to return to my studies in Vancouver, I’ve really enjoyed being able to visit each of the museums we’ve worked with and being a part of such a fun project!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017 - 18:57