Prospector newspapers and new Sicamous photos now available!

We are pleased to announce that the next installment of photographs in the Sicamous Photographs Collection, courtesy of the Sicamous and District Museum and Historical Society, has recently been made public. With this update, the Sicamous Photographs Collection has more than doubled in size, and now includes almost 750 photographs documenting the history of Sicamous, Shuswap Lake, and Mara Lake. Photographs in the collection show a wide variety of elements of local history. This includes various community and cultural events over time, such as May Day celebrations circa 1930 and the more recent 1992 Moose Mouse Parade.



Some photographs show communities’ and individuals’ responses to challenging and unexpected circumstances; in a photo taken during the 1948 Sicamous flood, Joe Maier delivers milk by boat, accompanied by an unidentified man and three children.




Others show communities grappling with their own problematic histories, such as this image from the 2002 dedication of a memorial to a Ukrainian internment camp at 2 Mile.




As with all of our collections, we hope that by making these materials available online we can increase accessibility and allow more people to research and remember local history using the wealth of materials that exist. We hope that these materials spark discussion and discovery. We also seek to create opportunities for local memory institutions such as Sicamous and District Museum and Historical Society to share the fascinating and invaluable resources they have to offer with a wide audience.


In addition to expanding access to local historical photographs, we are excited to have broken new ground with our first upload of newspapers! The Prospector, a publication of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Nelson, ran from 1937-1966. All issues up to and including 1951 have been made available, with the rest to follow soon. The newspaper issues offer a glimpse into the history, not only of the Diocese of Nelson and the Catholic community in the area, but of local life during the 20th century more generally. As well as articles and photographs, the newspapers include elements such as advertisements from sponsors.

Including newspapers on our repository has required us to develop new procedures for digitization. Archives and memory institutions commonly store historical newspapers on microfilm, and this was the case with the Prospector newspapers. As our preliminary newspaper digitization project, this was the first D.O.H. project in which we used a microfilm reader.


Our undergraduate digitization assistants worked with this reader to digitize every issue of the Prospector. Then, they edited the newspapers to ready them for online reading. The goal was to present the newspapers as complete digital issues, that could be read just like a print paper. It was a challenging process, and we are proud of the work that they have done!


We would like to thank our partner repositories for their support throughout the digitization process. Stay tuned for more collections in the next few months!


Photographs courtesy of Sicamous and District Museum and Historical Society and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Nelson


Monday, March 25, 2019 - 12:31