Experience Profile - Sarah Ulicny


Hello, British Columbia History enthusiasts! My name is Sarah Ulicny, and I am currently working as the Graduate Archival Assistant with the Digitized Okanagan History Project. I am midway through my Masters degree in Information Science at University of Toronto, with a focus on archives and record management.

My interests in digitization and archival work started at the UBC Okanagan Archive, where I worked as an undergraduate archival assistant. I am fascinated by the different ways that content can be digitized, and the ADHOC ways that hardware and software are combined in order to create digital duplicates of archival material. I am particularly interested in community archives and the positive affects that they can have on community members. Because of this interest, I am very excited to make material from community repositories to more researchers.

As the Graduate Archival Assistant, I will be working on new ways of storing our digital content in order to create more space on the DOH website. This will allow us the space to continue ingesting new collections and working with more repositories! I will be working with the undergraduate assistants and my supervisors in order to create and maintain a digital ingest schedule, make social media posts, and write semi-regular newsletters that are available to all of our DOH partners.

I will also be working for the DOH remotely in the New Year. I look forward to watching the DOH grow and change over the next few months.

Friday, November 15, 2019 - 19:04