BCRDH utilizes Google Analytics and Data Studio to measure and visualize de-personalized traffic to the web portal. All of our partner institutions receive individualized term reports after the Winter and Spring/Summer semesters, as well as an annual report after the Fall semester. These reports can be used to measure which collections are receiving the most traffic, where your users are located, which items are popular, and how users are finding your content. The information contained in these reports can be useful if you want to use data to inform future digitization decisions, prove a return on investment to your stakeholders, or apply to funding opportunities. 

Understanding Your Analytics Report

The document below identifies and explains what each chart in your analytics report measures. A downloadable PDF is also included at the bottom of this page.

This PDF will not display properly if you do not have a PDF viewer. If you do not have access to a viewer download the PDF using the link below.



Some of the terms used by Google Analytics to measure web traffic may be unfamiliar to you. Below we have defined some terms that you will encounter in your institution's reports.


A bounce is when a user lands on a landing page on the BCRDH and immediately leaves without clicking on anything else or visiting other pages during a session.


A hit is equal to a single click or visit on a single page on the BCRDH.


A session covers the duration of a visit for a single user. A session ends when the user navigates to another site or doesn't interact with the site for thirty minutes or more.

Traffic Source

The site that referred the user to the BCRDH. A direct traffic source means that the user typed the address directly into the address bar.

Traffic Medium

The form that the traffic to the BCRDH took. A referral means that the user clicked a link at another site that took them to the BCRDH. Organic means that the user found the BCRDH by searching for it using a search engine. If the traffic medium is "none" than the user typed the BCRDH address directly into the address bar.