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Mining machinery
Mining machinery
Arrangement of dust collector plant at lead flue
Elevation of dust collectors for H & H furnaces and pots
Inside Centre Star Mine headframe, Rossland
Trail area mine
Mine at Michel, B.C.
Dust collectors and pots for H & H furnaces
Tapping floor of one of the lead blast furnaces
Mine at Michel, B.C.
Mine at Michel, B.C.
Headframe of Centre Star Mine, Rossland
Unidentified C.M. & S. Co. work crew
Tom Hinton with flywheel, old rope driven compressor, zinc plant compressor room
Seabiscuit, a truck converted into an armoured car by C.M. & S. during WW II
C.M. & S. Co.'s smelter
First stack of Heinze copper smelter
B.C. Smelting & Refining Company's copper smelter
C.M. & S. metallurgical plants
Interior of Tadanac machine shop