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"Abel Helps" boathouse, 10911 Okanagan Centre Road West
Goulding's boathouse, Muskoka
Husband house, boathouses and Kal Beach on Kalamalka Lake
Postcard showing the boathouses on Long (Kalamalka) Lake
House boat on Sugar Lake
Fraser Lodge and boathouse at Sugar Lake
Sandner boat house at the north end of Christina Lake
View of the John Stoke's launch "MJOANE" from inside the boathouse on Wood Lake
John Stokes in launch "MJOANE" approaching his boathouse on Wood Lake
Mrs. Mayes and Mrs. McDowell on beach at Kalamalka Lake
Two women and a man in a sailboat beside a boathouse on the Shuswap River
Two unidentified girls on boat house ramp
Arthur Wilson's boatshed
Boathouse viewed from the lawn
Ormsby boat-house
Swimmers enjoying a day of wading at Kal beach, with boat houses along the shore
Boat houses at Kal beach with swimmers in the lake in the foreground
Boathouses on north end of Kalamalka Lake beach
Group enjoying a day at Kal beach
Boat houses on Long (Kalamalka) Lake