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Elizabeth, John, Margaret and father Erdmann Frederick Wilhelm Sellentin at the Sellentin home
Elizabeth, John, Margaret and Kathleen Sellentin at the Sellentine home
Retiring Miss Windermere Valley Suzanne Kamikawaji crowning Carol Godlien
Mary McLeod, Shelagh Dehart, and Naomi Chrona sorting Christmas trees
Bell family on front porch of W.W. Bell's residence
Two inspectors checking Christmas trees for blight as they tag them for size
Delores Arcand bailing Christmas trees before shipping to railway
Group of men at Radium Golf Course
Hope Brewer with pipe holding certificate
Frank Richardson
Junior Forest Wardens taking an exam
Crowd at opening of Invermere Hardware store
Orr Newton presenting a prize to Bea Raven
Dr. F.E. Coy placing flower wreath on Erla Tegart
Jim Thompson with hunting dogs and big cat pelts
Bino Erickson on stage presenting flowers to Ethel Cleland and Gladys Pitts
Wedding party for Rudy Jr. and Elizabeth Hecker at Anglican Church
Gilbert Taynton fishing
Justine Harris
Mrs. Helen Brewer, Jack Spencer, his daughter, and Fred Kennedy