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Horse and buggy on Long Lake Road (Kalamalka Lake)
L&A crossroads
Postcard showing the 3100 block of Barnard Avenue (30th Avenue) looking west
Postcard showing the 3400 block of Barnard Avenue (30th Avenue)
T.K. Smith in car, headed south on Okanagan St. towards his home.
Lumby's Main Street
View of East Kelowna
Road to Okanagan Lake looking north
Dirt road beside lake, Creston
Lonely dirt road in fields
Two people on road next to Wood Lake
Vernon from the south on a gravel road
Woman with bike on road to Vernon Preparatory School
Aberdeen Road in Coldstream
Road into Vernon Preparatory School
C.N.R. cut in Oyama beside Kalamalka Drive
Highway north from Oyama
Commonage Road south of the summit
Rock cut, Highway 97 south
Old car near Rock Cut, Hwy. 97 south of Vernon